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Loch Kishorn

I really need your opinion, please help

Monthly Newsletter or weekly blog posts?

So that’s the question and I need the opinion of my subscribers.

Putting together the newsletter does take many hours of planning and creation. I love doing it and, hopefully, you enjoy reading it.  What I propose is to break it down into more manageable weekly bites so, over the month, the art tips, new paintings, etc still appear.

What’s your preference then?

Do let me know, whether it’s email to or through one of the social media platforms I’m on (just search colinjoyceart on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – links to all on my website)

Next month I’ll be at the Borders Art Fair from 14th to 18th March remember.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Keep Painting

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  1. Colin,

    I enjoy your news and views, and ma quite happy to receive your information little and often instead of a less frequent newsletter.
    Just so long as it drops into my email Inbox without me having to go searching for it.

    Kind regards,


  2. I can understand your newsletter is a lot of work, but I appreciate them very much. Lots of tips and interesting articles. Happy to continue receiving them and really don’t mind whatever frequency you go for.

    1. Thanks Anne, you might note I’ve been struggling to get them out recently. Hang in there, more will come.

  3. If it is easier for you, weekly would be great. To be honest I enjoy all the information that you send, thank you.

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