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Colin Joyce in his studio
Colin Joyce in his studio - photo courtesy David Gough Photography

SAA Professional Associate

The SAA is based in the UK

I am most inspired by the places I visit. I love to travel and record those memories in sketches and photographs. The subjects I choose to paint are a result of those travels, whether close by or distant. They are a part of my story, my life.

I begin an artwork either from my sketches or photographs, never from someone else’s. I had to be there, be involved, and recall the sounds and smells of the place.

I often create a painting on location, known as Plein Air, which gives the artwork a spontaneous vitality sometimes difficult to recreate later in the studio. I am inspired by light, the way it changes the landscape day by day, hour by hour. I paint what inspires me, what stops me in my tracks.

I enjoy working with both oils on canvas and watercolour on paper. The way oil paint or watercolour is applied to the surface and how it reacts is so different, so exciting, each having its own qualities shine through in the end result.

I adore the marks left by the brush in oil paintings. I love the way the white of the paper shines through a watercolour to create light.

My paintings give back so much, more than a photograph ever could.  Memories of the places I visit, people I meet and friends I make.  I like creating art for the pleasure it shares.

Originally from Sunderland in the North East of England, Colin now lives in Scotland. Having always had an interest in art since early school years, he studied art to Advanced level and, later, part-time college. Colin pursued a career in Financial Services for 38 years, painting in his spare time. He took early retirement in 2013 to concentrate on painting full time. Colin has been teaching and exhibiting his art since then and loves to share his enthusiasm.

As well as being a watercolour instructor on cruise ships he also tutors workshops for painting holiday companies, as well as running his own workshops in the UK and especially Scotland. Colin writes regular articles for Leisure Painter magazine and travels around the UK providing demonstrations and workshops for art groups and societies.


Dunfermline Community Gallery – Solo Show Oct Nov Dec 2018
Edinburgh Macmillan Art Show, Bonhams August 2018
Edinburgh Macmillan Art Show, Bonhams August 2017
Dundas Street Gallery Edinburgh February 2017 Group Exhibition
Edinburgh Macmillan Art Show, Bonhams August 2016
Artist Magazine Open Exhibition June 2016
Paisley Art Institute Open Exhibition May 2016
Featured Artist RS Hanna Gallery Fredericksburg Texas February 2015
Edinburgh Macmillan Art Show, Bonhams August 2015
Hopetoun House Edinburgh Group Exhibition April 2015
Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour Edinburgh 2013
Dundas Street Gallery Edinburgh Oct 2012 Group Exhibition
Leisure Painter Magazine Open Art Exhibition June 2011 :Winner of the Winston Oh Award
Dundas Street Gallery Edinburgh Feb 2011 Group Exhibition
Leisure Painter Magazine Open Art Exhibition June 2008
Leisure Painter Magazine Open Art Exhibition June 2007 :Winner of the Earnley Concourse Award
British Society of Painters 2002 (Prize Winner), 2003, 2004, elected Companion of the International Guild of Artists (C.I.G.A.) in 2004.


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SAA Paint magazine


SAA Professional Associate
Dunfermline Art Club. Regular tutor in watercolour for club members.
UK Plein Air Society

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