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gondolas and San Giorgio Maggiore

Gondolas and San Giorgio Maggiore

Gondolas and San Giorgio Maggiore

Gondolas and San Giorgio Maggiore, that’s the island in the background, is another iconic view of Venice. You are just a minute’s walk from San Marco (St Marks square) and the Doge’s Palace is right behind you.

Gondolas are the easiest things to paint, their shape being a bit unusual even for a boat. I think I managed it here OK but did draw it out very carefully first.  It was evening when I took the photo and the sky was just beginning to change from blue to a pinkish hue.

Did you know the gondola’s length is 10.85 meters but only 1.40 meters wide. It weighs about 350 kilos. Made up of around 280 wooden pieces, the gondola uses a variety of wood in its construction, including oak, fir, walnut, cherry-wood, larch, elm-root, and lime tree.

A bit more about this painting

This painting measures approx 10 x 10 inches (25 x 25cms). It’s a watercolour on archival paper and is currently on show and available from:

RS Hanna Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas

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